I’m a creator.

Sometimes my creations are the simple (but deep) connections between people; sometimes they are the cutting of frames to reveal a coherent visual edit; sometimes they are the wide-reaching and ever-changing components of live event producing.

Whether it be stringing words together or keeping my balance behind a lens on the move, I like making things that provoke thought and delight the senses.

I love the challenge inherent in putting the pieces together to create content that provokes thought and inspiration, and to create an engaged community around those ideals.

I’ve worn many hats in this mission: event producer, film director, video editor, long-form and short-form writer, massager of code for websites and email deployment, creative strategist, and the latest (and most potent) duty in the realm of creation: mama to two young kidlets.

No matter the scope of the project at hand, I thrive when pulling disparate elements into place to allow an idea take flight. A producer can know their gig inside and out and have a meticulous run of show, but can never truly anticipate the breadth of their reach until the ideas are set free. That’s the fun part.

In short, connecting people to inspiring ideas is the endgame in any endeavor I undertake. May we all find inspiration in the simple things, the lovely things, and the people that we meet.